Recorded in Garnisonskirken, Copenhagen, Denmark May 5th-8th 2014

Producer: Preben Iwan
Editing and mix: Preben Iwan Mastering: Preben Iwan,

Executive producer: Lars Hannibal

Artwork and cover design: CEZBP, OUR Recordings
Cover photo+page 2, 8, 10: Søren Solkær.
Session photos: Julie Malmstrøm, Michala Petri
Liner notes: Mahan Esfahani

Recorded in the DXD audio format (Digital eXtreme Definition), 352.8 kHz/32bit,

Microphone main array:
- 2x DPA 4006TL
- 1x Senheisser MKH40
- 2 x DPA 4011C microphones for surround channels

DAD AX32 converter/preamp, Pyramix DAW system with Tango Controller.
Monitored on B&W 802 Diamond speakers.

Recorders: Moeck, Mollenhauer and Ehlert
Harpsichord: Alain Anselm, 1992 after an Italian harpsichord around 1700.

Recorded with generous support from Solistforeningen af 1921, Dansk Solistforbund and Edition Borup Jorgensen

Warm thanks to: Dr. Robert Seletsky for providing advice and materials on Corelli ornaments of the eighteenth century, Elisabet Selin who supported the recording and concerts with the Duo, Allan Rasmussen for the use of his fabulous harpishcord, Mogens Rasmussen for transportation and tuning, Hans Westenholz at Garnisonskirken for letting us use the church with its amazing acoustic and Sven Madsen for the great hospitality during the recording!