Moonchild's Dream
Recorded at Lyngby Kulturhus, Copenhagen, on 9 November 2005
Recording producer: Henrik Sleiborg.
Sound engineer: Lars Christensen.

Neles Danse
Recorded at the Danish Radio Concert Hall on 18 November 2005
Recording producer: Henrik Sleiborg
Sound enginner: Lars Christensen

Los Angeles Street Concerto
Recorded at Great Guild Concert Hall, Riga 9.april 2004
Recording producer: Varis Kurmi
Editing enginers: Henrik Sleiborg and Peter Bo Nielsen
Executive producer: Michala Petri

Cover photo: Anna Dunker/FATAMORGANA
Graphic design: Denise Burt, Elevator

This CD has been recorded in cooperation with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Dacapo Records acknowledge, with gratitude, the financial support of the Danish Composers' Society, KODA's Fund for Social and Cultural Purposes