American Record Guide on "Drømte mig en Drøm"
American Record Guide
01 May 2012
UPC 636943690727, Dromte m ig en drom, American Record Guide:
The good news is that this is a lovely, lyrical anthology of Danish songs—several of them from the folk idiom—recorded in a warm, clear acoustic by a superb choir that knows and loves what it's doing. Crowning their efforts is the playing of recorder virtuoso Michala Petri, whose obbligatos add a spectrum of buoyant and handsome colors to the singing. My kids grew up listening to a wonderful program of folk songs from around the world with Jean- Pierre Rampal and Maurice Andre playing along. While this program isn't for children— not expressly so, anyway—Petri's delightful interpolations took me back to those many hours of happy family singing.

The bad news is that the notes and texts are in Danish only. Sigh. So while I imagine I'm being crooned to about dreamy sunsets along the Skagerrak and life's enduring pleasures at the corner of North and Baltic, the truth is I have no idea what they're singing about and neither will most of you. Double sigh. © 2013 American Record Guide

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