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International Release of BLUE on LP/CD/EP.
22 October 2020
On October the 22th OUR Recording held a release concert for BLUE in the very nice surrounding of Bookshop/Café Tranquebar in the center of Copenhagen. BLUE is now worldwide available international on CD and a 180g Danish produced Vinyl. The 3 songs included is also available on digtital EP. Until now the Cd has received many very fine international reviews. 

Update on the new Album "BLUE" with music by Lars Hannibal
28 July 2020
In June Michala Petri and Lars Hanibal recorded the new Album BLUE in Baltic Recording studio on Bornholm. All the music is by Lars Hannibal. Special guest on this Album is their two daughters Amalie Hannibal Petri, vocal and Agnete Hannibal Petri, cello. They appear on 3 songs. Mette Due produce the Album except the 3 songs, which is produced by Jesper Mejlvang. We expect to have the Album worldwide released primo October 2020.

New update regarding Corona Virus.
28 May 2020
So far 29 concerts with OUR Recrdings artist has been cancelled duo to the corona virus. Also we had to cancel 3 recordings with Danish national Vocal Ensemble that should have been recorded in this spring. We have to postpone the finishing of the Ligety/Kodaly Album til spring 2021,- the Album with Poulenc and Jersild also til 2021,- and the Rachmaninov Vesper we do not know yet when we can record.
In June we will record an Album with music by Lars Hannibal. I will keep you updated

Update regarding Corona Virus situation
28. April 2020
Concerts are cancelled due to the tragic worldwide Corona virus. It affects music life all over the world,- and in the small world around OUR Recordings 24 concerts are cancelled so far. We have decided, at the moment, not to participate in the "home - live -streaming" concerts,- but focus on the recording that we will record in June. The music will be compositions and arrangements of Danisg Songs,- all by Lars Hannibal. The recording will take place in Baltic Studio at Bornholm.

Cancellation of concerts duo to Corona Virus
26 March 2020
Du to the tragic Corona virus situation all our concerts has been cancelled in the period March 15th to June the 1th,- so far 18 concerts. Also all the conferences this spring has been cancelled. We are VERY sorry for that,- but we hope we will come out in the "Post Corona Area" strengthened, in a world with a mindset that have changed. Where empathy and humanity replaces greed,- and where the language of the heart,- music,- will play a bigger role. See you around,- I can´t wait!

Recording of Vocal Music by Kodaly and Ligety
10 January 2020
Just finished this weeks recording of Vocal music by Ligeti/Kodaly with Danish National Ensemble conducted by Marcus Creed. Producer is the choir Michael Emery,sound engineer is Mikkel Nymand.
In June we will finish the recording,- scheduled to be an October 2020 release.

György Ligeti (1923-2006): Mátraszentimrei dalok Éjszaka; Reggel, Lux æterna, Drei Phantasien
 Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967): Este ( Evening) Esti Dal (Evening Song) Mátrai képek 

Petri/Hannibal Duo Tour in Japan
10 December 2019
Michala Petri started the Japan Tour with recording together with Japanese harp player Marie Nishiyama a program based on music build "On a Ground". Marie also took part in the concert in Suntory Hall in Tokyo. The Duo also played in Tower Records in Tokyo, arangede by OUR Recordings Japanese distributer NAXOS of Japan, and in Nagoya and Osaka.

American Recorder Concertos is nominated for the ICMA AWARD 2020
21 November 2019
American Recorder Concertos is nominated for the International Classical Music Award (ICMA) in 2020. It is a very important prize, since it is not a "Local" Award, but 19 journalists/magazines/Radio Starions from 15 different countries!

Bach Flute Sonatas worldwide released
01 November 2019
Bach 6 Flute Sonatas is now worldwide released. 
OUR Recordings is very happy to present this Album with Michala Petri, Hille Perl and Mahan Esfahani. The Album marks the 13 Years Anniversay of the Label,- Album no. 40,- and the 25th release with Michala Petri.

Bach Flute Sonates uploaded
06 September
Bach Flute Sonatas with Michala Petri, Hille Perl and Mahan Esfahani is now uploaded. The international Release is scheduled to be November the 1th.
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